Privacy Certification

Privacy Officer and Certified Privacy Consultant

An important milestone was achieved through certification of Privacy Officer and General Counsel of Privacy, according to the governance ISO/IEC 17024:2004.
As reported on the website, certification of the professional advisor of Privacy Act may be issued only by an independent and accredited organization, which operates in accordance with international standards of ISO/IEC 17024:2008 "Conformity assessment - General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons".
This new standard is largely based on the European standard EN 45013 "General criteria for certification bodies staff" (now replaced with the same ISO/IEC 17024), with respect to which changes have been made based on the experience already gained in this field, but was primarily developed for the certification of any professional, just as that of the Consultant to the Policy, which was established on the initiative of Federprivacy, because it falls between those already provided by our legal system with the specific professional associations.

One of the purposes of the ISO/IEC 17024 is to clarify the details of how they should be defined certification schemes for each professional, how it should be constituted and shall operate as a certification body to certify intervenes when a new profession, and this is a reference to internationally accepted certification bodies for the same, in order to facilitate the mutual recognition of certificates between the same parties of different nationalities.
In the single market, which in addition to the free movement of tangible goods, services and financial resources, see the free movement of human resources, a Consultant to the Privacy certificate provides a guarantee prior to the market, providing a detector immediate and guaranteed to support the customer, that can objectively distinguish the trained professionals from other "improvised".
The requirements TÜV Examination Institute, which certification body, have to observe in certifying professionals are, independence, transparency, impartiality, competence and confidentiality, absence of conflicts of interest, participation together with the "share of the market concerned", and balance in decisions, preventing that prevail individual interests.
A further guarantee of the professional certificate as a consultant Statement is that the duration of the certification is limited and controlled in time, and the granting of the renewal of the certification is issued only if the professional:
- Has the professional training provided;
- Continued to play professional activity for which has been certified;
- Complied with the Code of Conduct signed at the time of certification.
The Certification Scheme Adviser's Statement, with the collaboration determinant of "interested parties", that is, organizations and institutions involved in the field, including the minimum requirements that must meet the candidate, how to access certification and those to be satisfied maintenance and renewals. In addition, in order to achieve the certification, it is necessary that these minimum requirements are supported by the factual and verifiable, and especially that the candidate exceeds the 'certification exam which must undergo in order to demonstrate unequivocally the possession of its powers.
The certification is not valid for an unlimited time but has a limited duration to three years and each year the activities of the certified person shall be subject to surveillance. For the annual maintenance is indeed necessary to demonstrate that they have behaved in line with the code of conduct and had not received any complaints from customers.
For the three-year renewal of the certification is indispensable to produce appropriate documentation certifying the activity, customer satisfaction and participation in training activities for professional updating.
For all this, the certification of the Privacy Advisor has an absolute value on the market, and is the best guarantee of the actual competence of the professional with the capability of going on the market with unquestionable recognition of their skills.